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Expert piano tuning and repairs in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

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Our Services

  • Piano tuning
  • Repairs and restorations to all pianos
  • Pre-purchase piano inspections and valuations
  • Upright and grand piano action mechanism regulation
  • We come to your home or business

We offer Pensioner, Senior or Healthcare card discount.

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Caring For Your Piano

Treat your piano like a piece of valuable furniture: keep it clean and never stand drinks, vases of flowers, or pot plants on it. Spilled liquids can cause serious damage, the repair of which may amount to a major overhaul.

New pianos are generally finished in polyester or satin lacquer, which requires only to be wiped with a damp cloth and carefully dried. No polish is needed.

Older pianos are usually French polished and need greater care, using a polish reviver applied with a clean soft cloth and polished with a soft duster. Make sure to do a small patch test first. On no account use spray polish.

Internal workings of piano

How often should my piano be tuned or serviced?

​Three main factors affecting the performance of a piano need periodical attention:

  • Pitch  - the pitch will drop if the piano is not tuned on a regular basis. The stability of its environment will very much determine how often it needs to be tuned.
  • Touch  - the quality of the instrument, amount of use, and changes in its environment will determine how often the piano action should be regulated. On average, this is required about every five years.
  • Voicing  (toning) - here again, this is subject to the quality of the piano, and particularly the hammer felt.
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